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A Lifetime of Music

Throughout the last seventeen years of directing choirs and orchestras Kris Emmett has discovered an absolute zeal for teaching music and inspiring others to further their musical development in a variety of settings, including ecclesiastical, community choral, chamber and choral society. His specialism is the founding and revamping of ensembles at all levels, including amateur community choirs and professionally auditioned choruses as well as creating RSCM-affiliated church choirs, often with orchestral accompaniment.  He holds a wealth of experience of directing contemporary worship and training amateur musical groups in order to enhance worship in the church setting along with orchestras at both professional and amateur level, whether that's for charity events or enhancing the experience for audiences and singers alike.  As a choirmaster, he currently works with several choirs and choruses across Somerset, including community, barbershop, sacred and chamber and combining this with his experience with orchestral players for the richest variety of music.

As a composer proficient in DAW and notation, he writes music for audiobooks, with forays into TV, incidental and video game music whilst as an orchestrator and arranger, he specialises in creating custom backing and click tracks for national artists that can be combined with live musicians.


He specialises in coaching modern leadership, whether that's group dynamics and the empowerment of colleagues and business administration or restructuring a company to balance responsibility in the corporate sphere.  His own leadership style is drawn from the airline industry and their use of Crew Resource Management in synergy with inspiration from symphonic conductor Itay Talgam and his work with British CEOs, such as James Timpson.  In the past this has included fellow conductors and directors as well as updating the management style in the workplace and leading team building workshops. 

A graduate of the BA (Hons) Music programme at the University of Plymouth with an Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Music Department with specialisms in both choral and orchestral direction he went on to postgraduate studies in Music and the Environment with the University of Highlands and Islands.  As an organist he plays to ARCO standard and conducts to LRSM standard following an accredited substitute for the DipABRSM (Music Direction) from the Association of British Choral Directors in 2008.


In 2004 he founded and is currently Executive Director for Musicians’ Horizon – a company that specialises in supplying professional musicians to events throughout the south of England. He also directs the company’s in-house professional choir and chamber orchestra for various events, including weddings, concerts and continued professional development for musicians.

In 2014 Kris also founded KCEnterprises: a company that specialises in all aspects of concert management and promotion, from simple press releases and posters up to and including full event conception and administration.


When not performing, teaching or composing, Kris relishes being a husband, a father to three and keen family man!

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